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How to Use Old Tins for Candy and Chocolate Gifts

How to Use Old Tins for Candy and Chocolate Gifts

How to Use Old Tins for Candy and Chocolate Gifts

Jun 15, 2019

Old candy or chocolate tins often have delightful designs from bygone eras, using styles, images and designs that we simply don't see these days. If you have some old candy or chocolate tins that you'd like to re-purpose, they'll make a great container for your homemade sweets that is totally unique and enjoyable as a gift.

1、Assemble the items needed to complete the project. These are listed below under "Things You'll Need".
Try to select tins that are still in reasonable to excellent condition. Anything that has a lot of rust, holes, breaks or dents should not be used for this re-purposing.

2、Clean and tidy the tin. Check the tin for any signs of damage such as loose hinges, dents or stains that might need special attention when cleaning. Try to pop out small dents and fix hinges. If there are stains, try to remove them gently so as not to spoil any picture or design. Give the tin a wash in warm water and a gentle detergent, using a soft sponge to remove cobwebs, dirt, and any other debris in and on the tin. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.
A few drops of bleach will both clean and disinfect an old tin. Be sure to wash, then rinse out thoroughly and allow to dry before using.
If you're not sure what any stain is and the food is likely to come into contact with it, it's recommended that you don't use the tin.
If the tin has rust on the base or under the lid, try sanding this off. If the rust is too far gone, the tin cannot be used.

3、Consider freshening the interior. If it's looking a bit shabby inside, you might like to spray the interior with chrome-colored spray paint first. Follow the directions on the paint can and be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly.

4、Line the tin. Before you can add candies or chocolates, the tin should be lined to create a barrier between the food and the tin and to help retain the freshness. Items suitable to line it with include cloth such as an old, clean linen napkin, tissue paper, wax paper, fabric or pretty doilies.

5、Add the chocolates or candies. If possible, place the chocolates and candies in paper wrappers or paper sweet cups to keep them in good condition. This also adds to the appearance of the confectionery.
Biscuits or cookies can also be added direct to the tin if preferred.