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What are the reasons why tinplate is the first choice for tea cans?

What are the reasons why tinplate is the first choice for tea cans?

What are the reasons why tinplate is the first choice for tea cans?

Nov 25, 2020

Basically, there are several cans of tea in Cantonese homes. They are famous for tea. It can also be said to be a custom here. In our daily life, tea leaf is actually a very delicate item. Tea leaf is a dry product, which is very easy to absorb moisture and cause mildew. It absorbs moisture and peculiar smell very strongly, and the fragrance is extremely easy. evaporation. Packaging materials range from pottery, paper, bamboo, and plastic to today's tin tea cans. Therefore, many people use tea tins for preservation. Different tea cans are stored in different ways. Below, follow the editor to find out.

1. Ceramics

Ceramics are commonly used in the appreciation of handicrafts and kitchen supplies. The air permeability of the ceramic pot is very good, and it is great to store some semi-fermented tea (jasmine tea). The application of ceramic pots is simple and convenient, and does not require complicated maintenance work. If the varieties of tea leaves need to be removed and replaced, simple cleaning is required.

2. Paper

Paper tea cans are difficult to store tea leaves for a long time. Paper tea cans are easily damp, and most people use them for packaging tea cakes.

Three, bamboo, wood

Wooden and bamboo tea cans are not suitable for long-term storage of tea leaves. Their airtightness is average and the price is moderate. They are generally used to store tea leaves that are commonly found at home. When choosing a wooden tea pot, you must choose a light or odorless one, otherwise the tea leaf taste will be very easy to mix.

Four, iron sheet

The iron tea caddy has an excellent storage effect. It is dry and not humid, convenient for storage, and shading to ensure the long-term quality and taste of tea leaves. Through long-term application, I found that tea leaf packaging cans are more suitable for storing tea leaves. The packaging and printing of tea tin cans are exquisite, convenient to carry, and novel in style. It is more suitable as a gift to express the emotions between relatives and friends, and is loved by the masses.