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Our Products
Tianyi tin box factory  supplying all kinds of tin box products, our products include all kinds of tea tin caddy, biscuit tin box, coffee can,  candle tin packaging, health care products tin box, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics tin box , perfume tin packaging, gift and promotional packaging, and any other tinplate products. The tin box products can be easily recycled, more beautiful and environment-friendly. They can be made into all kinds of shapes to meet the needs of different customers. Now, tin box packaging have become the most popular packaging materials in the world. Now, many company use tinplate packaging instead of the monotonous paper box packaging.

Tea and coffee tin box packaging:
Tea and coffee products are the most widely used tin box packaging products. The aesthetic view of consumers are constantly updated, when they purchase the products, they will tend to look at whether the packaging is beautiful, high-grade, durable,and so on. And the tin box products can be eliminated all sorts of consumer concern completely.Tin box products are more beautiful, high-grade, durable, and easy to recycle. After the products in the tin box had been used,  and they can still use it for home storeage, bank coin, and so on. Learn more

Gift and promotional boxes:
We can make all kinds of lovely shape as a gift, we have a best competitive price of our products, guaranteed delivery, high quality products, and the safety of food grade material, We can develop a new mould base on the requirements of different clients ,  and also can give more professional opinions to our clients. Learn more

Cookie and biscuit tin:
Baking products,snacks for our afternoon tea. We customize different kinds of tin box for all over the world, our tinplate and the ink could be passed the FDA food grade test, and Tintee tin box factory have more stable delivery time, we have a professional design team, more professional technical support, and we can give the  high quality products and service to the our clients. Learn more

The candle jar:
Candle and Aroma products, this is our favorite in our party.We participate in various gatherings and can feel the atmosphere of festival more by candlelight.Our candle tin box can be made in all kinds of shapes and printed with all kinds of patterns that can be add atmosphere in our holiday gatherings. Learn more Biscuit and cookie tin box

Candy and chocolate packaging:
Sweet products, usually, they used it in our wedding and they will pay more attention the beautiful products, mean that sweet and sweet. Our heart-shaped tin box products are more memorable, and they will be easier to store. And you can also keep it for storage at home for all kinds of your jewelry. Learn more

Cosmetics and other tin boxes:
Now more and more industries are gradually using tin box packaging, because they are more practical, more beautiful, and can customize different shapes.In perfume and cosmetics industry, there are many products using tin box packaging now.Choose Tianyi tin box factory, we will give you professional service, high quality products, and more competitive prices. Learn more