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Break down the characteristics of different types of tea tin box

Break down the characteristics of different types of tea tin box

Break down the characteristics of different types of tea tin box

Jun 28, 2021

tea tin box are a very common product, but many people don't know the different classifications of tea tin box.

1. Tin ware is the best container for all Tibetan tea wares. It has the strongest invisibility temperature and ability of tea ware, and it has a very good closure. Oolong tea that requires a clean and dry environment is especially suitable for storage in tins. Others such as green tea, yellow tea, white tea, green tea and new tea are also suitable for "living in this type of tea warehouse." For example, unopened green tea requires long-term storage. Preservation, put into the tin warehouse tea tea ware can prevent the taste, and should be passive freezer food. However, it should be noted that avoiding the tin-ware tea warehouse, the number of times of opening, struggling to saturate and consume will affect the sealing effect.

2. Fairy tale warehouses that are widely used in Japan, the combination is beautiful or subtle, there is a kind of flame effect in the ancient story. Lacquerware is generally decorated with matcha and sencha, and it is also suitable for Pu'er, with its light and colorful workmanship. It is very suitable for tea play, convenient and beautiful.

3. The pottery material has good air permeability, which is especially suitable for the popular tea roasting fire tea at the same time. The roasted tea is mellow and delicious, like oolong tea, green tea, and the Pu'er tea pot that will produce and change tea is also suitable for pottery tea warehouses. . Porcelain tea warehouses are elegant and clear, but their fabrics are not breathable, which is more suitable for green tea "living" and multi-literati artistic conception.

4. Like tea, the tea warehouse made of bamboo and wood is of wood, so it is suitable for calcium-roasted teas, such as rock tea, black tea, etc., but not suitable for the characteristics of the tea warehouse, and not suitable for long-term tea cultivation. Be careful not to be fragile, more suitable to be carried around or used for tea parties. At the same time, it should be noted that you must choose familiar wood tea, because tea is very sensitive and easily exposed to other flavors.

Tea, utensils, water, people, making a good cup of tea is the balance between these four. You use the tea barn to raise tea, and tea raises people. Everything in the world is dependent on each other. Why is tea charming? Because of the unpredictable unknown it possesses, it will always attract people to explore and wait patiently. The tasteless taste is the ultimate taste.