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How to design cookie packaging box?|biscuit packaging box design

How to design cookie packaging box?|biscuit packaging box design

How to design cookie packaging box?|biscuit packaging box design

Sep 16, 2021

biscuit packaging box design

Graphic design

1. In addition to displaying the characteristics of the product and the description of the product, the packaging pattern also needs to make detailed records of the production date, production address, contact information, etc., so that consumers can be more assured when shopping.
2. When designing packaging patterns, professional design is required to make the patterns rich in design language, but the designer should also pick out design thinking appropriately and examine the patterns with a worldly perspective, so that the designed patterns do not have bad ambiguities. Cause the design to fail.
3. The text in the packaging pattern can be expressed using exaggerated techniques, such as enlarging a certain part of the font, or deforming the font to highlight the characteristics of the product, but pay attention to the readability of the text.
4. According to different consumers, different packaging styles and patterns can be designed to prepare for different needs, such as economic models, ordinary models, limited models or gift models.

color design

1. Whether the color of the packaging of a single product is obvious and beautiful, and whether the display of a large number of products is coordinated, whether the purpose of displaying the product can be achieved, so that the packaging has a good display effect in different display methods.
2. It is best not to use the three primary colors to design the product packaging directly. Unless there are some special requirements, the product packaging will give people a sense of nonsense and cannot give the product a good appearance.
3. Whether the color of the packaging can well represent the attributes of the product, no matter what product it is, there is a representative color of the product, whether it is the color of the product itself or the color that can represent the product.
4. The packaging color needs to be different from similar products, especially competitors need to have a clear difference, so that users can see the color and understand what the product they choose is