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Things to pay attention to when choosing a tea tin box

Things to pay attention to when choosing a tea tin box

Things to pay attention to when choosing a tea tin box

Jun 28, 2021

Many tea lovers should have realized that it is not so easy to find a few good teas that they like; but after finally finding it, they are faced with the problem of how to preserve them. Only by choosing the right tea container to store the good tea you love to drink, can you not live up to the original effort to find tea. Therefore, whether a tea container is good or not, the workmanship needless to say, this is the most basic requirement and the most basic quality control. On top of this, we say that a good tea tin box is a container suitable for storing your own good tea.

It is not easy to achieve the word "fit", because every kind of tea is so different, we need to know the tea in our hands before we know which tea holder is most suitable. We have shared a topic before, that is, know tea before you can save it. Readers and friends can click on the article to find out.

In addition to the original role of storing tea, in fact, a good tea tin box also plays another important role---decorating the tea space. Whether it is a tea pot placed on the tea table for easy daily access or a tea storage pot placed on a bogu shelf, it is part of the entire tea space. The discerning tea people will not be careless, they always choose carefully, and strive to add a bright color to the tea space even if it is a small pot.

In reality, most tea people seem to only pay attention to the tea tin box function of a tea caddy, but not enough attention to the decorative function. Sometimes this is due to the price factor, and it is reasonable; but as long as you carefully select, you can still find a tea can with a reasonable price and a good appearance.

Another point to note is that tea tin box are often not disposable, and can be reused or recycled many times. After drinking a tea in a tea can, you can find a tea with similar properties and store it in it. From this point of view, decoration is much more important, because when you decide to choose a tea caddy, it may accompany you for a lifetime.

Therefore, when we choose tea tin box, in addition to considering the suitability of tea, that is, practical functions, we also need to pay more attention to its added value, especially the decorative value. And a good tea caddy, or a worthwhile tea caddy, must be a good job in both of these aspects.