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The new favorite of cosmetics industry

The new favorite of cosmetics industry

The new favorite of cosmetics industry

Apr 03, 2018

In people's minds, cosmetics are generally made of glass or plastic or paper packaging. In recent years, the high-end atmosphere has been upgraded to the cosmetics industry with tinplate cans with low-grade luxury content. Quickly accepted by people.

    Several major advantages of iron canned skin care products do you know?

    1, tin cans cosmetics look very retro, the color of the printed pattern to attract the eye of consumers.

    2, tin cans cosmetics storage effect is great, especially the paste of skin care products.

    3, tin cans can be very small and small, convenient for girls to carry.

    4, tin cans cosmetics packaging hardness is very high, but the cost is very low, not only allows consumers to get on the hand very grade, but also allows manufacturers to save costs.

    Many hand creams are now made with tin cans, such as Crabtree Springs Spa Hand Cream, Vichy and Avene's spray, have been used tin packaging.

    For the beauty-loving lady, the mask in the home is essential. I believe that they all know that the facial mask is very practical with tin cans. The remaining cans of the used mask can also keep their own DIY handicrafts, or they can hold some of them. Girls' gadgets.