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Why should the tea be put in the tea caddy?

Why should the tea be put in the tea caddy?

Why should the tea be put in the tea caddy?

Nov 13, 2020

How to understand why tea should be put in the tea caddy? Tea can be seen everywhere in life. Regarding the place where tea is usually placed, most people have the impression of "iron box". But many people don't know why tea leaves are put in the tin box. They think it is just because it is practical and beautiful. If you think so, you are wrong. In fact, there are some small knowledge about why tea should be placed in the tin box:

    First of all, it is very easy to deteriorate if tea leaves are exposed to sunlight. Green tea is more typical, which deteriorates after exposure to sunlight for a period of time. The tea tin box has excellent light-proof properties and can isolate the tea leaves from contact with external sunlight, so as to prevent the tea leaves from spoiling;

    Secondly, if the tea leaves are directly exposed to the air, the odor will evaporate, and the tea leaves in the oxygen are easily oxidized, and such tea leaves will lose their original taste. The tea tin box can prevent a large amount of oxygen from entering, and can isolate most of the oxygen, so that the tea can maintain the original flavor for a longer time;

    It is a protective function. The tea leaves are packaged in iron boxes so that the tea leaves can be placed in a better protected environment. For example, risk factors such as moisture, dirt and falling can be prevented, so that the tea leaves placed in this way are safe.

    The above three points are the main reasons why the tea is usually protected by iron boxes, but it should be noted that not every type of iron box has this effect, and inferior iron boxes cannot achieve the above points. If you want to buy it, you can choose a tin box, so that the tea can be well protected.

    Tea is an arrogant thing. It has strong adsorption and easily absorbs moisture and peculiar smell in the air. There are also special requirements for light and temperature. If it is not properly stored, it is easy to destroy a pot of good tea. At present, most tea leaves are equipped with a tea tin box, and the tea tin box itself has the function of protecting tea. The storage of tea mainly needs to be sealed, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and odor-proof. These tea tin boxes can all be done.