Why uses tin box for storing tea

why uses tin box for storing tea

Tea is a kind of dry goods, hygroscopic dampness easily and produce qualitative change. And tea is very strong to moisture, peculiar smell adsorption, and aroma volatilizes extremely easily. When tea leaves are kept improperly, under the action of factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen, adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities will be caused, thus leading to changes in the quality of tea leaves. Therefore, when storage, with what caddy, with what method, all have certain requirements. The fruit colloid surface stoma inside tea is very much, absorptive sex is strong, a few tea leaves that need dry preservation are affected especially by peculiar smell flavor, it can absorb the moisture in air like active carbon, peculiar smell, so, freezer is saved tea had better be separated alone an area.Distinguish from quality of a material, caddy has tin to make commonly, iron is made, pottery and porcelain, glass, paper is made wait, among them with the iron that chooses to tin bottle is preferred.

Ancient times is to use pottery to make container to hold tea commonly, rich family also USES tin to make container to hold everything in one's sleeve, contemporary packaging tea is to use foil paper to use vacuum to wrap tea now inside commonly, the purpose is to achieve better sealing effect.The high-end caddy on the market is mainly made of tin cans. In ancient times, people like to use tin to purify water and make the taste more sweet. Tin is non-toxic and harmless to human body, and people like cool. Generally speaking, metal will have a so-called metallic taste, but tin is not, maybe god has given us a good product. The caddy that makes with tin because oneself is qualitative, sealing sex is stronger than other for character, and because caddy body is thicker, caddy neck is tall, temperature is constant, the function that keep fresh is better.