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Characteristics of tinplate material

Tinplate has an opaque character in which the iron and tin components react with the oxygen remaining in the box, reducing the risk of oxidation of the items in the packaging. Tinplate is therefore very important for preserving items.

Characteristics of tinplate material 2

Tinplate has excellent metal ductility, which makes it easier to produce with high precision and speed, and also helps in the manufacture of complex cans. Its excellent rigidity enables the production of tin boxes that are resistant to knocks, vibrations and stacking, making them easy to transport and store. In addition, tinplate is also very environmentally friendly and superior to plastic and paper packaging.

Because of these characteristics, many companies choose to use tinplate as a packaging material for their products. Firstly, the metallic quality of tinplate is more valuable than plastic or paper packaging and can give a product a greater sense of value in its packaging.

In addition, tinplate can also be made into a variety of shapes, which makes for a more versatile packaging container and helps to promote increased sales of the product. Tinplate packaging is therefore considered to be the product of creative labour combining art and technology.

Tinplate is an environmentally friendly packaging material
Containers currently in use iclude tin cans, aluminium cans, paper cans and plastic cans, which have different recycling characteristics, but compared to other packaging materials cans, tinplate cans are more suitable for recycling.

① Low pollution

Tinplate, the main raw material of tinplate cans, is actually an environmentally sound and naturally decomposable iron. As the can exists in a natural environment, it can naturally oxidise and return to its original state of iron oxide, so the cans can be stacked to decompose over time and not be left to cause environmental pollution. There is no need to cut down trees when making the tin cans, so the ecological balance is not destroyed.

② Recyclable

The tin can itself has a characteristic that other packaging materials do not have, i.e. it can be magnetised and can be recycled by using the magnetic force to separate the tin can from the waste. Using this property, it is easy to recycle 80% of the tin cans in the waste stream. In addition, the invention of the Eco Cover not only makes the use of tin cans safer and more hygienic, but also effectively reduces the amount of waste, which has a direct and obvious benefit to recycling operations.

③ Save resources

Shredders have been developed to effectively remove contaminated residues from cans and provide good quality scrap iron. In addition, the presence of iron easy-open lids facilitates the reproduction of iron scrap as it reduces the amount of iron used in steelmaking and reduces overall steelmaking costs. In terms of energy saving, the use of 230m3 of natural gas per tonne of scrap iron can be saved, therefore the recycling and remanufacturing process of iron cans can reduce the global environmental and energy impact and is in line with future product trends. The recycling and remanufacturing process for tin cans can therefore reduce the global environmental and energy impact and is in line with future product trends.

④ Tinplate cans packaging common material thickness

Commonly used thicknesses are basically divided into 0.19mm, 0.21mm, 0.23mm, 0.25mm, 0.28mm, etc.

⑤ Tinplate cans commonly used materials

Common materials include glossy iron, frosted iron and high-gloss iron.
Introduction of tin plating of tinplate
Tin plating is the amount of tin plated on each unit area, in g/m2 This parameter is one of the most important indicators of the tinplate's corrosion resistance. Different tin plating amounts are required for different canned products and the right tin is selected. The higher the amount of tin plating and the greater the thickness, the better the gloss of the tin surface. However, the thicker the tin plating of the iron sheet, the easier it is to scratch during production and the higher the loss rate will be.

⑥ Introduction of tinplate tin plating amount

The above is the characteristics and uses of tinplate box material, I hope it will be helpful to you! Guangzhou Tian Yi Metal Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, design and production of various iron box products, including cosmetic iron boxes, moon cake iron boxes and other series of products. If you need to know more information, please feel free to contact us!

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