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Do you know anything about tinplate

Do you know anything about tinplate

The careful consumer will find that in modern life, more and more food packaging is being made of tinplate. Compared to other packaging materials, what are the advantages of tinplate packaging?

Good mechanical properties: compared with glass, plastic and other materials, tinplate is stronger and more rigid, not easy to break, becoming the main container for large transport packaging.

Good barrier: tinplate has a good gas barrier, light blocking and fragrance retention, sealing performance is also very good, can effectively protect the quality of the product.

Mature production process and high production efficiency: Tinplate is a long-established packaging material, with a set of mature production processes and equipment, high production efficiency, you can quickly produce a variety of tinplate products to meet different packaging needs.

Various shapes: Due to the special physical properties of tinplate, it can be made into various shapes according to packaging needs, such as square cans, round cans, horseshoes, trapezoids, etc., which can meet packaging needs and improve the appearance of products.

It is recyclable and meets environmental requirements.

The use of tinplate originated with the pioneering development of tinplate for packaging by France's largest steel company, Steel Group. Tinplate is now widely used in packaging and is taking the world by storm. However, compared to international standards, China still has a lot of room for improvement in this area.

It is worth mentioning that tinplate packaging can also improve the nutritional value of food products. Most tinplate cans made from unpainted iron tubes are used to improve the corrosion resistance of the cans. For example, when tinplate cans are used to package canned fruit and sugar water, the iron reacts chemically with the food and a small amount of iron is free in the sugar water in the form of divalent iron, which is easily absorbed by the body and becomes an important source of iron for the body.

Post time: Mar-06-2023